Taiwan Fu Hsing is now AEO-certified!

Taiwan Fu Hsing is now AEO-certified!

AEO-certified Companies were Visited and Awarded Certificates by Director Lin of the Kaohsiung Customs Office

- 2012 News No.016 of Kaohsiung Customs

On February 8th of 2012, Ching-ho Lin, director of the Kaohsiung Customs Office, together with Shan-Ju Chen, the senior auditor, and Wu-an Wu, the head of Public Relations Subsection, visited companies who had passed AEO audit in safety and security.  AEO certificates were issued on site by Director Lin to the winners of Authorized Economic Operator certification.  Director Lin congratulated and praised certificate winners who are also thankful to the Customs’ proactive introduction of AEO system and the Director’s good will of visiting them on site despite of his busy schedule.

The AEO security and safety certification, according to the Kaohsiung Customs Office, has become a globally-recognized standard and international trend, as well as the presence of corporate goodwill. Companies with AEO certification will benefit from swift Customs clearance in import and export, enjoying reduced operational cost in Taiwan.  The image and competitiveness of AEO members will also be optimized, bringing more business opportunities.  In 2011, there are 21 companies verified and awarded in AEO audit, who had completed qualified cross-border supply chain, strengthening the momentum of Taiwan in Mutual Recognition Agreement negotiation which releases a variety of Customs preference, including swift Customs clearance in other countries.