The mission of the foundation is to elevate our participation in community and national cultural and educational pursuits. We hope to achieve this mission through various sponsorship activities, contributing to the community with practical actions.

Activities organized or sponsored by the Foundation :

1 - Cultural and Educational lectures and exchange sessions
2 - Awarded scholarships to outstanding needy students
  arrow Scholarship recipients : Kaohsiung County Family Support Centers & Liu He Church
  arrowSponsored after-school counseling funds organized by Kaohsiung Gangshan County Social Welfare Center for students from single-parent homes and disadvantaged students
3 - Organized academic seminars on various tertiary institutions
  arrowNational Sun Yat-sen University School Fund
4 - Big scale cultural and educational activities
5 - Activities that enhance children’s creativity, mental and physical development
  arrowNational Junior High & Elementary Tennis Tournaments
  arrowSummer Camp activities for Junior High and Elementary students
6 - Other cultural and educational charity activities