Supply Chain Group

To meet the needs of Taiwan Fuhsing Industrial Co. Ltd. In diversification and business operations, the Company set up a supply chain group in the year 2008. Its main business are to develop, manufacture and sell residential hardware, motor vehicles and electronic parts.
The Supply Chain Group includes :
Ziyong Hardware Products (Taicang) Co. Ltd Located in Taicang China. In charge of die-casting and plating-related production.

Fortune Packing material (Changshu) Ltd. Located in Changshu China. In charge of PVC packaging materials.

The establishment of the Supply Chain Group outlines a blueprint for Taiwan Fuhsing supply system, constructing a vertical integration of competitive advantages. It is a continuation of Taiwan Fuhsing’s 50 years of production excellence, in which we have greatly enhanced the technology of stamping, forging, die-casting and surface treatment. Undertaking the mission to transform the Company, the group serves to, not only firmly maintain the business, but also to bring our core technical capability to its fullest potential.