In addition to focusing on industrial development, Taiwan Fuhsing continues to utilize its technological advantages in die casting, forging, surface processing, stamping, and cutting to diversify its business. At the same time, the Company is actively expanding its molding capabilities, heading towards diversification and forming strategic international alliances. Our strategies are drawn up as follows :
Professional Division of Labor Integration Services :
Taiwan Fuhsing not only provides door products, it also utilizes its core technologies to actively develop 3C and other residential hardware parts. The division of labor structure is as follows :
  • Security System Product Group: Committed to industrial development, improving quality, and new product innovaton.
  • Supply Chain Group: Focused on metal processing technology research
  • Door Closer Group: Responsible for the research, development, manufacturing, marketing, and after-sale services of door closer, door hinge, floor hinge, and other related products.
Established Locally, Thinking Globally :
Using Taiwan as the centre of operations, the Company seeks to integrate and utilize its industrial resources so as to grasp the latest information quickly. This will in turn empower the Company with the ability to react lexibly to environmental changes and to devise responding strategies.
Promote Strategic International Alliance :
Seeking new technological cooperation and development, developing value-added services and international division of labor, completing the construction of a vertical supply system, increasing global competitiveness.
Develop New Markets:
This opens up more avenues for product distribution. The Company is also actively developing new products outside the industry, such as residential hardware parts, other 3C parts and so on, to enhance the Company’s competitive advantages.

Armed with far-sighted strategic planning and a sound business philosophy, Fuhsing endeavors to enter a new era of business by elevating its global competitiveness and covering a wider range of markets.