Core Values

Established for more than 60 years, Taiwan Fu Hsing has rich experience in the door lock industry and demonstrates outstanding business performance In order to adapt to an ever-changing global economy, technological development, and Industry 4.0, Taiwan Fu Hsing strives to create continuous revolutionary innovations, opening up new opportunities and remaining industry leadership.



More than 900 patents, covering the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, China, and Taiwan.



6 production bases and 5 sales & service offices; international division of labor and integrated services.



The main production bases are ISO 90001 certified, the laboratories are ITS certified (for door controls-closers category), and the relevant products are CE certified and UL listed and have passed the fire retardant test.


Business Strategy

In addition to focusing on industrial development, Taiwan Fu Hsing continues to utilize its technological advantages in die-casting, forging, surface treatments, stamping, turning, etc. to expand its business scope regarding residential hardware. At the same time, Taiwan Fu Hsing is actively expanding its mold development technology to achieve the objectives of diversification and globalization, as well as forming strategic international alliances. Our strategies are as follows:


Dedicated Divisions and Integrated Services:

Dividing Group business by product category, Taiwan Fu Hsing has 3 dedicated product groups, committed to the upgrading and development of door control devices, metal processing and surface treatments. By integrating the supply chain resources, Taiwan Fu Hsing meets consumer and customer needs and thus becoming a market leading brand.


Richly cultivating Taiwan while maintaining a global reach

Using Taiwan as the center of operations, we seek to efficiently integrate and utilize our industrial resources in order to be agile, obtaining latest technology and trends, reacting flexibly to environmental changes, and to devise responding strategies.


Promote strategic industry alliance

Taiwan Fu Hsing seeks cooperation and development of new technologies, provides value-added services, organizes international divisions, vertically integrates supply chain, and enhances corporate competitiveness through business globalization.


Development of new markets

The development of new markets is not only an expansion of product marketing channels but also the R&D of new products, other than the ctriterias which we originally specializes in, such as residential hardware, electronic components and parts.