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Supply Chain Group

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Supply Chain Group
Supply Chain Services for Hardware Industry

The Supply Chain Group of Taiwan Fu Hsing offers services of building customized zinc die castings for hardware products, manufacturing of tools as well as surface decorative finishing. Our facility utilizes state-of-the art fully automatic equipment of large capacity featuring cutting edge CAD/CAM and casting flow analysis technology in the process of metal and tool fabrication, electroplating, powder and lacquer coating to deliver consistent and high quality on every part supplied to our customers.

Mold Design and Manufacturing

Our engineering team with specialty and expertise assisted by sophisticated software in mold design and manufacturing helps reduce tooling lead time, improve production efficiency, cost and quality.


Zinc Alloy Die Casting

We operate more than 40 hot-chamber die casting machines of up to
400-ton capacity featuring a wide breadth of casting sizes to meet all requirements.

Surface Treatment

Our finishing operation of 20 plus years of experience incorporates sand blasting, grinding, polishing, buffing, brushing, electroplating, powder and lacquer coating in the process to provide impeccable service in the supply of high quality hardware products.