For the past 60 years, Taiwan Fu Hsing has upheld the beliefs of “sincerity, honesty, and diligence”. We hope that not only to“lock” customers but also our employees so as to maintain strong connection and trust between us.

A Happy Business

  • 台灣福興最幸福
  • 台灣福興享藝文
  • 台灣福興愛運動
  • Awarded the Top 10 Happy Businesses in Kaohsiung

    With complete educational training programs, considerate welfare and a well-established remuneration policy, we provide our employees with friendly working environment.

  • An art-loving enterprise that was presented the Arts & Business Award from the Ministry of Culture

    In addition to sports, we also encourage our employees to participate in arts & cultural exhibitions and performances to nurture a sense of aesthetics.

  • A sports-loving enterprise that was presented the first sports certificate from the Sports Administration

    By actively promoting sports in the workplace, we provide our employees with complete sports facilities, 5 major sports clubs, professional sports coaches, and sports rewards & subsidies so that our employees can find the positive energy to challenge themselves.

Remuneration System

  • 各式職務津貼

    Job allowances

    shift allowances, container loading allowances, etc.

  • 多樣性獎勵金


    Performance bonuses, annual bonuses, extra dividends, etc.

  • 每月兩次支薪

    Salary payments half a month

    By increasing the frequency of salary payments, we allow the employees to allocate their salaries in a more flexible way.

  • 彈性薪資調整

    Flexible salary adjustment

    Better than the average, we adjust the salary depending on the business results and individual performance.

  • 多元進修補助

    Continuing education subsidies

    Subsidies are provided to employees who sign up for occupational courses, language courses, EMBA courses, etc.

  • 完善保險制度

    Complete Insurance Policy

    labor insurance, National Health Insurance, group insurance, and travel accident insurance.

  • 提供退休照顧

    Retirement Plan

    Sufficient retirement pensions along with flexible early retirement plan options.

  • 節慶祝賀禮金

    Gift Cash

    wedding subsidy, Childbirth subsidy, bereavement support payment, etc.

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Work Relaxedly

  • 依法給假

    Leave According to Laws & Regulations

    We provide leaves based on the Labor Standards Act, Act of Gender Equality in Employment, and other relevant laws and regulations.

  • 貼心活動


    To celebrate traditional festivals, we provide all kinds of festivities to give our employees some pleasant surprises on special days.

  • 彈性給假

    Flexible Leave

    We provide flexible leaves for employees to make better use of their leave hours.

  • 員工休息室

    Employee Lounge

    An employee lounge is established to provide employees with a space for short breaks and recharging.

  • 多元活動


    To celebrate special occasions, we provide a year-end banquet, office birthday celebrations, welcoming parties, etc.

Healthy Life

  • 健康管理與促進活動

    Health Management and Promotional Activities

    We provide our employees with regular physical examinations and health promotional activities.

  • 低碳員工餐廳

    Low Carbon Staff Cafeteria

    We provide our employees with a staff cafeteria and hire certified chefs and cooks to prepare hot meals in low oil and sodium.

  • 醫療救護與服務

    Medical Care and Services

    According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, we hire two occupational health nurses stationed on-site to provide employees with medical care.

  • 完善運動設施

    Various Sports Facilities

    We have an indoor fitness center and an outdoor multifunctional sports field. Also we provide sports rewards and subsidies to encourage our employees to set up sports clubs and engage in sports activities.

  • 員工協助方案

    Employee Assistance Program

    We provide employees with consulting services through our professional financial, legal, and medical experts.

  • 減重特訓班

    Weight loss program

    Employees whose body mass index (BMI) exceeds the normal range are advised to enroll in the weight loss program which is combined with the theme of social welfare so that the employees are able to lose weight while contributing to social welfare.

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Happy Family

  • 母性保護計畫

    Maternity Protection Program

    We have developed a Maternity Guidebook to ensure the physical and mental health of our female employees during pregnancy, after childbirth and while breastfeeding.

  • 員工旅遊與家庭日

    Company Trips and Family Days

    We provide regular company trips and family days so that our employees and their families are able to have a fun time together.

  • 母嬰親善措施

    Maternity Protection Measures

    We provide our female employees with a breastfeeding room, maternity parking space, maternity leave, and other maternity protection measures.

  • 員工子女工讀

    Part-time Job Opening for Employees' Minors

    Employees' minors are provided with an opportunity to work part-time at our Company during their summer vacation.

  • 托兒補助

    Childcare Allowance

    Employees with minors aged from 3 to 12 (including minors who study in kindergarten and elementary school) are provided with an allowance of NT$3,000 each year.

  • 特約商店優惠

    Cooperative Stores

    We provide our employees with concessions and discounts of local high quality stores.

  • 影片圖片

    台灣福興i-Sport 運動企業

  • 影片圖片