International code of business ethics

Since its establishment, Taiwan Fu Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd. has set up a “SER Implementation Committee” with the goal of sustainable management. It actively interacts with various stakeholders, collects their concerns and issues, discusses and formulates solutions for major issues, and takes the initiative in response to build mutual trust. Furthermore, we also deeply understand that “honesty” is the foundation of corporate sustainable development. Therefore, we ask all our employees to give top priority to honesty and integrity and to scrupulously obey the laws and decrees when interacting with suppliers, clients and investors or carrying out business operations. We also dedicate ourselves to protecting the safety of the supply chain and teaming up with business partners in order to attain the goal of “people safety, product safety, and customer confidence.” For this reason, our company has formulated the “Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct” and “internal whistleblowing standards” based on the following key factors and compiled the “guidelines for ethics and integrity,” a manual that includes the aforementioned procedures and standards and reveals whistleblowing channels. We aim to fully implement the prevention measures against unethical conduct and establish a corporate culture of honesty by promoting the importance of anti-corruption during company meetings.

The company conducts internal and external education training for integrity management:

The 2019 internal and external educational training related to the issue of integrity management (including relevant courses on regulatory compliance of integrity management, industrial safety and accounting systems, and internal controls), totaling 2,015 participants and 2,088 person-hours.

The key factors of the anti-corruption management system are as follows:
?Objectives of anti-corruption
?Organizational status
?Corporate decision-making mechanism
?Corruption risk assessment
?Law-abiding awareness of personnel
?Establish special units
?Reporting channel
?Disposal process and rewards and punishments

The company conducts educational sessions for “Procedures for Handling Material Information” and related laws and regulations aimed at incumbent directors, managers, supervisors and employees, and arranges educational seminars for newly appointed directors, supervisors and managers within three months after taking office. For new employees, educational seminars are arranged as part of the orientation training initiated by the HR department. This year, relevant educational seminars were conducted for the incumbent directors, managers, supervisors and employees on November 8th. The course content includes confidential operations of material information, the cause of insider trading formation, the identification process, and transaction examples. The presentations are archived by the legal unit for employees to read and seek relevant advice at any time.


Human rights policy

The company abides by the spirit and basic principles of human rights protection announced by each International Bill of Human Rights including “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, “The Ten Principles of United Nations Global Compact, UNGC” and the “International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.” And we are committed to abide by the labor legislation governing the place of production in the hope that the legitimate rights and interests of employees can be fully protected. The implementation of the specific management practices is as follows:

1.Provide a safe and healthy work environment.
Provide a safe and healthy work environment that conforms to statutory and regulatory requirements and set up first-aid measures (warning system, AED, first-aid kit etc.) to eliminate risk factors that are present within the work environment and reduce the risk of occupational injury and disease.
Offer safety and health education and training on a regular basis every year to build up employee awareness and proper concepts towards their work environment.
Actively care for the workload situation of employees. For employees who appear to health problems, provide timely care and adjust the work content if necessary to avoid overload.
2.Equal employment opportunity and diversity inclusiveness.
The company is prohibited from discriminating against any job applicant or employee on the basis of race, class, language, thought, religion, political party, place of origin, place of birth, gender, gender orientation, age, marital status, appearance, ancestral home town, facial features or disability etc.
Provide an effective and appropriate grievance mechanism, effectively protect labor rights and interests, create a friendly and harmonious industrial relations atmosphere, and implement fairness of engagement in employment, remuneration, training, evaluations and promotion opportunities.
Comply with labor laws, prohibit child labor, prohibit forced labor, eradicate discrimination in employment, and strive to create a diverse, open, equal and harassment-free work environment. No human rights violations are permitted.
3.Encourage the establishment of clubs and respect employees’ freedom of assembly and association.
The company encourages employees to form all types of clubs and grants appropriate subsidies and respects the freedom of employees to assemble and associate. We strive to create a harmonious and win-win labor management relationship through providing a transparent and unobstructed communication mechanism.
4.Assist employees in maintaining physical and mental health and work-life balance.
Free health checkups for employees are offered on a regular schedule. Professionals are invited to give health lectures on an irregular basis. Company trips and diversified activities such as sports competitions, shrimping games, and sponsored cultural and artistic activities are planned every year to encourage employees and families to actively participate . We aim to take care of employees’ physical and mental health in all aspects.