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Sustainable Business Operation


In 2013, Taiwan Fu Hsing officially established its SER (Social & Environmental Responsibility) Promotional Committee. Under the authorization of the Chairman, the General Manager is directly responsible for the SER Promotional Committee and all policies developed shall be approved by the Chairman before release to stakeholders. Under the General Manager's instructions, regular meetings are convened once every 4 months.

Social & Environmental Responsibility Policy

Actively engaging in social welfare, Taiwan Fu Hsing is committed to improving the working environment and raising the awareness of environmental protection. In general, social and environmental responsibility can be subdivided into four aspects: business code of ethics, employee rights & responsibilities, occupational safety and health, and environmental protection. In addition to strictly abiding by this standard, Taiwan Fu Hsing also requires its business partners to conduct self-inspection so that a safe and reliable supply chain can be jointly established.

By setting our CSR objectives as "transparent governance, prosperous coexistence, and sustainable business operation", we have decided the significant issues of stakeholders concern and the significant impact of company operations on the economy, environment, and society.

Social and Environmental Responsibility Promotional Committee

Officially established by Taiwan Fu Hsing in 2013, the "SER (Social & Environmental Responsibility) Promotional Committee" is responsible for the social and environmental policies. In addition to developing the statement and enforcement manual of social and environmental responsibility, the regular meeting is convened once every 4 months. After the enforcement and performance of relevant policy are approved by the Board of Directors, a report shall be submitted to the shareholders's meeting. Other than that, the annual corporate social responsibility report is published each year and disclosed on the official website for the stakeholders to download.


Stakeholder and Significant Issues

Taiwan Fu Hsing defines employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, residents, government agencies, academic institutes as our major stakeholders by adopting results from the 6 major stakeholder positioning test this year. At the same time, we also continue to maintain good interaction with our stakeholders, establish communication channels, collect feedback, and make corresponding adjustments to corporate policies.

Without the establishment of any labor union, Taiwan Fu Hsing actively communicates with its employees through training programs, labor-management conferences, business meetings, morning briefings, bulletin boards, employee suggestion boxes, internal grievance & reporting channels, social media, etc.

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Priority issues
Communication channels, response mechanism and frequency of communication
2018  Stakeholder Communication Results
Shareholders and investors

lBusiness performance

lCurrent market strategies

lProduct placement

lEnterprise future planning

lCorporate governance

lSocial welfare activities and image

lLegal compliance status

lMaterial information: Market Observation Post System and announcement of material information such as corporate governance, important business developments, operating performance and other relevant information followed closely by shareholders and investors.

lConvene a shareholder’s meeting once per year and issue an annual report.

lHold an investor briefing at least twice a year to reveal the company’s latest operating conditions and respond to external questions.

lCompile CSR reports and corporate periodicals to allow external circles to understand that the company is committed to corporate social responsibility.

lProvide the company email and contact number so that shareholders and investors can communicate with the company at any time.

lContact person: Finance Department, Mr. Lee at 


lOver 20 items of Chinese/English material information

lHold investor briefings twice a year (2 domestic briefings)

lPublish Chinese and English annual reports

l2014 CSR report is verified by SGS according to AA1000; since 2014, the CSR report has been voluntarily compiled and published once a year.

lProduct quality

lNo forced labor

lNo child labor

lNo discrimination

lIntegrity management and anti-corruption

lLiability insurance

lStatus of legal compliance concerning social and environmental aspects

lClient privacy and confidentiality

lProvide customers with the latest UL, EC certifications and fire test certifications

lUse company meetings and print brochures to promote integrity management and the company’s anti-corruption position.

lProvide a letter of commitment to customers of the  guarantee of prohibiting forced labor, child labor and any form of discrimination.

lActively cooperate with customer audits and provide necessary and sufficient information.

lParticipate in annual customer meetings and maintain smooth two-way communication at all times.

lContact person: Sales Department, Miss Li at 


lInsure against produt liability insurance to safeguard customer rights and interests

lCooperate in promoting CSR, strictly prohibit forced labor and child labor

lSign confidentiality agreements to protect customer privacy

lParticipate in the annual supplier conferences of customers and earn recognition as the best supplier

lSupplier evaluation standard criteria

lQuality of raw materials

lEnterprise performance

lCurrent and future product placement

lSupplier contractual relationships

lStatus of legal compliance concerning economic and environmental aspects

lIntegrity management and anti-corruption

lEstablish a supplier trading platform to deliver purchasing information in real time

lDisclose the results of supplier evaluations, discuss and make improvements together

lUtilize company meetings to publicly rewards to outstanding suppliers

lNegotiate a supplier supply contract and commitment letter of material quality

lSupplier factory onsite inspection

lContact person: Procurement Department, Mr. Li at

Sign corporate social responsibility commitments aimed at new suppliers. 100% of new suppliers have signed.

lEmployer-employee Relations

lWorkplace health and safety

lFair workplace environment

lSalary and labor conditions 

lEnterprise performance

lCorporate social image

lDistribute work rules reference handbook

lProvide access to the sexual harassment grievance system/procedure

lEstablish an employee welfare committee to speak for employees

lCarry out collective bargaining at company meetings

lAnnual health checkups for employees

lHire a specialist physician  as the resident physician

lHire a professional nurse as the resident nurse

lCompile the company periodicals to pass on information and news of activities, awards and social welfare event participation by the company

lContact Person: Administration Department, Miss Tsai at


lSet up a suggestions system and a QCC team and issue bonuses based on the benefit level for accepted proposals

lConvened 5 management and labor councils in 2018

lThe expenditure of employee welfare fund in 2018 is 9.54 million, together with more than five activities and events organized

lCollected 350 kilos of trash during the 2018 beach cleanup

lSince the establishment of the Taiwan Fu Hsing Cultural and Educational Foundation in 2001, our company has achieved excellent results from the comprehensive evaluations by the Department of Education, Kaohsiung City Government 10 years in a row and has received public recognition numerous times.

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