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The New Easy Rekey Cylinder

Apr 24 2019

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Taiwan Fu Hsing (TFH) has always viewed Service, Innovation, and Quality as our core values, hoping to bring our users and customers the best experience. Due to the rapid-growing technology trend, more and more door locks are now integrating with electronics or other new technology. TFH has always kept an eye on the latest technology. Not only do we develop electronic locks, there’s also many resources allocated for mechanical innovations.

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Recently, TFH has developed a new innovative cylinder–the Easy Rekey Cylinder. Traditional cylinders require several steps for rekeying.

After removing the cylinder, remove the cylinder retainer ring with a ring remover.  Use a “ Plug follower” to push out the cylinder plug and keep pressure preventing the upper pins and springs from falling out..., and so on.

This process takes minutes, requires special tools and you have to be careful not letting the upper pins and springs fall out causing more inconvenience. The patented new Easy Rekey Cylinder is TFH’s solution for faster and easier rekeying. It only takes 4 simple steps and no special tools required for rekey.


1、Remove the cylinder and use the key to rotate the cylinder plug until the pins are visual.
2、Remove the cylinder and use the key to rotate the cylinder plug until the pins are visual.
3、Take out the lower lock pins and insert the new key and new pins.
4、Use a key or a sharp object to return the sustaining piece to original position and install the lock cylinder back to the lockset.

The easy rekey cylinder is now available in 5 pin KW1 keyway, and applicable on deadbolts, tubular leversets and knobsets. All cylinders meet ANSI Grade3. When it comes to innovation, there’s no compromising on security and quality.