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Friendly Workplace


According to the 2017 statistics, Taiwan Fu Hsing has a total employee number of 1,052 individuals (including those working in the offices of Taiwan and expatriates). Among all the employees, 840 individuals (98.76%) are full-time employees and 20% come from the Philippines. These foreign workers not only get along well with Taiwanese employees but also bring a stable source of human resources for us.

By attaching great importance to gender equality, we hire almost the same number of male and female employees where female managers make up almost 25.64% of the management level staff. As a manufacturer of metal mechanics, we meet the standard when it comes to gender equality in the workplace.

In terms of age distribution, approximately 20% of the employees are young people under 30 while approximately 60% are between 31 to 49, who not only possesses experience and vigor but also bring a continuous flow of labor force to the Company.

  • Sex ratio
    Sex ratio49%51%
  • Age distribution
    Age distribution15%23%62%
    • Under 30
    • 31 to 49
    • Over 50
  • Aaverage seniority of
    indirect employees
    Age distribution40%35%25%
    • Less than 3 years
    • 3 to 10 years
    • Over 10 years
  • Labor ratio
    Age distribution28%8%64%
    • Direct employees
    • Indirect employees
    • Management level

Talent Retention

  • Recruitment


  • Cultivation


  • Development



Recruitment: 6 major sources

Sources of Talent Recruitment: We recruited through 6 major channels: online recruitment, local recruitment, campus recruitment, internship program, disadvantaged recruitment, and part-time program for employees’ minors. Through different recruitment channels, we have successfully enhanced employer branding in the employment market. Additionally, our hiring and recruitment channels are justifiable and transparent. In particular, both the headquarters and subsidiaries are required to strictly abide by the social & environmental responsibility. Hiring child labor under the age of 16 and forcing labor are prohibited. We provide applicants with equal job opportunities regardless of their district, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, and political party.

Cultivation: 3-stage training program

One of the key factors that allow Taiwan Fu Hsing to keep up-to-date over the decades is that we have a complete and effective talent nurturing program. Our talent nurturing program can be subdivided into 3 stages including "entry-level", "intermediate-level", and "advanced-level" with each level featuring its own distinctive training content, method, and purpose.
For the "entry-level", we focus on knowledge conveyance, assisting them to learn more about corporate culture, workplace environment, and job content. For the "intermediate-level", we focus on the enhancement of skills. For the "advanced-level", we focus on the tailored apprentice system and work shifts so these seniors are able to broaden job expertise and skills in response to their personal career development and external environmental changes.

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Development: 3-stage performance appraisal & 3-track career system

Three-stage performance appraisal & three-track career system: We provide a performance appraisal system with 3 stages that is both objective and instant. For the newly-recruited who have worked 3 to 6 months in the Company, they will be subject to a "performance appraisal" after the probationary period. For employees who exhibit outstanding performance, the manager may fill out an application for "promotion" in July as a reward. All employees shall be subject to the "annual performance appraisal" at the end of year, which not only evaluates individual work performance but also takes into account the fulfillment conditions of unit KPIs (key performance indicators).

Occupational Safety & Health

Occupational Safety & Health Policy
Through educational training programs and safety culture, the unit managers and employees are able to work together with a view to achieving the ultimate objective of "zero accident, zero disaster, and zero occupational injuries".

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Occupational Safety and Health Committee

We established an "Occupational Safety & Health Committee" to promote occupational safety, prevent accidents, improve the work environment, and protect employee health.

Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training

Perform detailed inspections on hazardous equipment to ensure safe equipment operation. Before use, the operator shall perform an automatic inspection, key inspection, and operation checkpoints before reporting to the labor inspection agency for regular inspections within the statutory period. Regularly conduct "equipment operation education training", "disaster emergency response" and "safety and health check system".