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Ever since its establishment in 2001, Taiwan Fu Hsing Culture & Education Foundation has adhered to its original intention of "giving back to society what society gave us." By taking the leading position, we hope to maximize our social influence by taking actions to take care of and give back to the society that has once given us so much.
Based on the mission of pushing cultural and education standards in Taiwan to the next level, we have devoted efforts to the aspects of "sports promotion", "culture & art", and "education". We deeply believe that through sports, children will learn to work hard in order to achieve their objectives; through education, children are provided with the power to change their lives for the better; and through art, children are able to enrich their lives.

Message from the Chief Executive Officer

"We do not fear the distance if we're on the right path."

Since its establishment in 2001, Taiwan Fu Hsing Culture & Education Foundation is now entering its 18th year of organizational operation. For a medium enterprise with a total capital of NT$1.9 billion, our commitment to culture and education over the years comes from the faith in our hearts instead of return on investment.

Based on the belief of "education as a starting point and culture brings power", we hope we not only enrich the lives of the next generation materially but also mentally and spiritually.

In order to promote the 3 major aspects of sports, education, and culture and arts, the foundation has launched the Fu Hsing National Tennis Cup since 2003 to provide students who love tennis with an arena to compete and make friends. With the Social Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government since 2006, the foundation has supported students from financially disadvantaged and high-risk families by taking part in the after-school tutoring programs. So far, we have accompanied a total of 300 students in their growth. In 2016, the Foundation established an arts and business partnership with two of the most well-known art facilities, the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) and the Pier-2 Art Center, sponsoring indicative art and cultural events for the both.

Having sponsored culture and the arts for nearly two decades, Taiwan Fu Hsing believes that humanities and culture will always be the most beautiful sceneries in Taiwan. In the future, we hope to find even more companions who share the same vision, joining art and business, alongside supporting each other every step of the way.


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    Scholarship for academically outstanding students and grants for financially disadvantaged students

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    Culture and education forums and exchange activities

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    Continuing education, on-the-job training programs, and academic workshops

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    Culture & education activities

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    Children creativeness, physical, and mental development programs

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    Other cultural and educational affairs for public welfare that meet the mission of the foundation



  • 2019


    Received the 14th Arts and Business Awards from the Ministry of Culture

  • 2017


    Received the 13th Arts and Business Awards from the Ministry of Culture

  • 2016


    Formed the arts and business partnership

  • 2014


    Launched the art program for children from the countryside to bridge the gap of rural-urban disparities

  • 2006


    Host the Fu Hsing National Tennis Cup

  • 2006


    Have received the excellence award from Kaohsiung City Arts, Culture and Education Appraisal annually since 2006

  • 2003


    After-school tutoring program for students

  • 2001


    The foundation was established

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We welcome proposals from individuals and institutions that share the same vision with us so that everyone who loves Taiwan can together bring happiness to the society and maximize unlimited potential.