Integrity & Partnership

Since establishment in 1957, Taiwan Fu Hsing has endured great hardships in its pioneering efforts from the production of bicycle chain guards, motorcycle components & parts, and office chairs, in the past, to the development of horizontally integrated door closers, fire door locks, and access control system at the present. Despite the significant change in the company’s products over the years, the beliefs of " Integrity & Partnership" remains the same.

Integrity - from the Beginning to the End

Always adhering to the business principle of "credibility and integrity", Taiwan Fu Hsing treats each of its employees, shareholders, customers, and business partners with a code of ethics. By requiring all business operators to engage in their business activities in a transparent manner and prohibiting any forms of corruption, Taiwan Fu Hsing is able to maintain its sustainable business operation in the long run.


Partnership - Winning the Hearts of the Stakeholders

Treating employees as business partners, Taiwan Fu Hsing fulfills its corporate social responsibility by providing employees with stable income and adequate space to maximize their potential. At the same time, Taiwan Fu Hsing also listens the needs of customers used as a basis for future product innovation and customer service.